Sarah Valeri

//Sarah Valeri

Fugitives Astronomy Club: A loose flock of pen drawings. The ungrounded foundation for the story of incidental characters, blessed mostly with anonymity and a  three foot stride. The Little Monk. Hester Who Collects Sounds, The Little Revolutionaries and their Mother, Honeycomb, and KAT.

Shipwrecks: I lived in a little room, barely afloat for several years. Roof like a sieve, neighbors violent to the trees. My ship on the sea. I rebuild it often.

Paintings: Self indulgent, to be sure. These are the most recent of a long series of works that started behind the juniper tree in front of my house when I was five. It has been mostly a private affair.

Collages: An insufficient term. I make large muscled drawings through movements informed by music.  Since 2006 I have brought a large blank paper and pastels to draw with my musician friends of Colorform, and I have also collaborated with composer Clara Kebabian. The result is an enormous pile of rolled up drawings in a small apartment. So I  cut them to pieces and build brief myths on large walls whenever I get the chance.